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About Taweel

We are a family owned funeral service. We have been serving for over 15 years. We provide the best quality funeral services and are committed to serve you. We offer services within Jordan and globally. To learn more about or global services, please visit our global service page.


Our Commitment to You

We want to be by your side during difficult times and assist you every step of the way. 

Our Staff


- Anton Taweel 

- Sameer Taweel

- Sami Taweel

Our Facilities


We currently have two locations in Amman, Jordan. One in the Abdali area and another in the Fuheis area. 

More On Us


Founded in 2006, Taweel Funeral is proud to serve the community. We understand the importance of high standards of service, especially in tough moments like these.

From our unique vision to our strong heritage, Taweel Funeral was built to support those grieving. In addition to helping out with arrangements and services, we provide comfortable gathering spaces for families and friends, as well as professional and compassionate guidance throughout the entire process.

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