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Global Services

Our team is a reflection of our business, multi-lingual, multi-faith, and multi-cultural, respecting any faith, nationality, origin and destination and offers help in Arabic, French, and English. We are able to help overseas funeral directors with repatriation logistics to and from anywhere in the world.

More on Global Services:
  • Taweel Funeral Services is regularly updated on the constant changing rules and regulations many countries worldwide require when repatriating the deceased back to their homeland.

  • We fully understand all requirements relating to documentation, so we work effectively and efficiently with overseas funeral directors to deliver a quick repatriation.

  • Full collection and delivery services
 supply of coffin
 flight handling
 production of airway bill
 Legal documentation
 liaising with third parties
 all additional associated documentation
 translation services. 

  • We can assist with all repatriations from any country to any global destination. Taweel Funeral Services are experienced in the organization of worldwide funeral services, we can arrange all the details required wherever you need.

  • Taweel Funeral Services have over fifteen years experience in official documentation, permits and certificates needed to carry out repatriation. We can have these translated for your own use.

  • Coffins, and Caskets of your choice and design. 

  • Taweel Funeral Services have coffins, caskets suitable for both repatriation travel and funeral services. When transporting the deceased we can provide a hermetically sealed coffin, casket for transportation.

We are proudly accredited to the following embassies and consulates in Jordan:
  1. The Embassy of United States

  2. The Embassy of United Kingdom

  3. Consulate of Italy

  4. The Embassy of Canada

  5. The Embassy of Czech Republic

  6. The Embassy of Germany

  7. The Embassy of Japan

  8. The Embassy of Russia

  9. The Embassy of Ukraine

  10. The Embassy of Spain

  11. The Embassy of Poland

  12. The Embassy of Lebanon

  13. The Embassy of Palestine

  14. The Embassy of Belguim

  15. The Embassy of Netherlands

  16. The Embassy of Syria

  17. The Embassy of the Philippines

  18. All Jordanian embassies in the world

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